Thursday, January 3, 2013

One might think...

One might think that my lack of posting in the last 9 months indicates a lack of doing... completely not the case. Here's a quick sampling of what I've been up to since Easter (or at least a quick sampling of the things I didn't forget to take pictures of!). Oh... and forgive the terrible pictures. Most of these were taken before my pretty pretty new camera was part of my life. ;)

Kid's Three Season PJs

Two three piece sets for the boy, 1 3 piece set and 2 nightgowns for the girl. Somehow I didn't get pictures of all the them, though...


Using Jessica's free pattern over at Craftiness Is Not Optional, I made a pile of Baprons for baby girl. Love how they turned out. I mostly used scraps and made my own bias binding for them. Almost the best bibs ever... I still prefer the one with sleeves that my mom made for Allison years ago. Brian dubbed that one "Baby ARMor". I haven't braved making one of those yet. Maybe if a #4 is in our future.

 Boy Bedroom Decor

Carter's room officially became the room closest to "finished." I painted the canvases myself, using a few things I'd pinned as inspiration. And crate bookcase was an idea from Crazy Little Projects that I found via Pinterest. I love how it turned out. His room probably still needs one more big art piece (I'm holding out for him to agree to a LaVell Edwards Stadium Poster... Go Cougars!) a bedside table, a desk eventually, and I'd love a new dresser.  But, for now, definantly close enough to be called done "for now."

Halloween Costumes

I took the easy way out with the baby (Monster costume that we've had since #1), but the big kids requested "Rescue Hero Billy Blazes" and "Unicorn" as their costumes. Billy Blazes was pretty easy, since I had an action figure to copy, but I had to get creative on the unicorn. Sorry for the lack of detail pictures... it was too close of a finish. :)

Oh, and a fun Halloween treat too. I sent these witch fingers to Allison's class for her Halloween party. They were pretty fun to make.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

We hosted Thanksgiving this year and I was determined to show to have a pretty floral centerpiece in on the the pumpkins we had leftover from Halloween. Take that, hard-to-schedule Floral Design Lab class! I never was able to make Floral Design if into my schedule during my BYU days, but I think I didn't do half bad for no real floral arranging knowledge. Oh... and I made the table runner too. :)

Does It All Diaper Bag

I tested this pattern for the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop late this fall. I don't believe she has it available yet, but its a pretty great pattern. I've really loved how functional it is as I've been using it the last 6 or so weeks. Very roomy, lots of pockets.

Mermaid and First Birthday Cake

Allison wanted a mermaid cake this year. I had to get a little creative, since I don't have the doll pan, but I think this turned out pretty well. Its a 9 inch round base with the "rock" baked in a small pyrex bowl. Barbie had her legs saran wrapped together and was very unceremoniously shoved into a small hole I cut in the cake. The hole helps keep the cake from splitting. I didn't QUITE get my hole big enough... we had a bit of splitting, but nothing some more frosting couldn't fix.  Her tail was piped on using a star tip. The sea shells are colored almond bark in the Wilton candy mold. I don't love them, but Allison insisted. Over all I do like how it turned out.

We kept it simple for baby's first birthday. I really wanted to do this cute carved owl cake that I have linked on my Pinterest Board, but there was SO much baking and such going on her birthday week that it just didn't happen. But, she's only 1, so she doesn't know what she's missing, right? Abby Cadabby, pink and stars seemed just right for baby girl's birthday, anyway. :)

Tool Belt

Carter, my Mr.-Fix-It, tool-loving kiddo needed a tool belt and it seemed like the perfect stocking stuffer. I whipped this guy out in half-an-hour on December 23rd from a few remnants I had lying around the house. Carter loves it. It possible that he's spent plenty of time running around the house wearing pantless, but with his tool belt and yellow construction hat on. ;)

Doll Bedding

Allison got a doll bed (hand-built by my husband using Ana White's plans)and full bedding set for Christmas this year and I spent WAY too much time working on the bedding... it was so cute and fun! The quilt is all 1.5 inch squares. I made my own binding from leftover fabric. The pillows come out of their cases. Two of the cases have left over 1.5 inch quilt blocks, the other two have strips of rainbow ribbon that matches the ribbon on the sheet (Yes... I made a top sheet for a doll!) and the quilt backing. The last pillow is 4 leftover quilt blocks with a heart appliqued onto it. I L.O.V.E how this project turned out. Allison was thrilled Christmas morning.

What you DON'T see here are the tulle Halloween wreath, the Christmas gifts that I had to ship off, the craft fail I had while trying to make my mom a Christmas gift, the Crayon Wreath I made for Allison's teacher (I KNOW I took pictures of that one... I just can't, for the life of me, find them on my computer!)...

Probably the biggest project that been taken on in the last 9 months was the finishing of a basement sewing/craft room for me Brian did all the hard stuff and I've been trying to get it finished, furnished and organized for 4 months. I still don't have pictures of it... becuase its still not quite picture worthy. Its painted... its got a big ol desk... there are finally shelves. I've got some art planned. Just a few more finishing touches before its share-worthy.

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